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Christdian Education is an important function of the local church.  The church is responsible to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world.  Christian schools are a part of the church that trains tomorrows leaders of churches around the world. 

Many churches have Sunday School.  Those with Christian Schools also have Monday School, Tuesday School, Wednesday School, Thursday School, and Friday School.  All week the church is training young men and women to serve God by teaching them a Biblical perspective on the academia needed to take them into the future.

Chrisitan Education is historically an academically superior education.

Christian Education teaches the faith once delivered to the saints.

Christian Education teaches students a biblical world view.

Therefore; for Chrisitan families Christian Education is not an elective it is required.

World Mission Society has been instrumental in the establishing of Christian educational programs internationally.

World Mission Society has been involved in the building of Bible Colleges Internationally