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The Cabbages graduated from Bible College and begain starting deaf works in churches in America.  With the guidance of Dr. Bill Rice, Betty's Dad, they developed a system of two week sign language schools that would help churches start ministries to deaf people in their community.  After they started deaf ministries in hundreds of churches in the USA inquires began to come in from other countries about opening ministries to the deaf community. 

First the Cabbages went to Barbados in the West Indies to experiment with starting deaf works internationally.  Then opportunity arose in Mexico. After that Brazil.  Then in many countries arouind the world. 

The Cabbages have used Sign Language courses to start deaf works.

They have used Camping ministry to train deaf wokers and reach deaf people for Christ.

They started several international School programs.  The work continues to grow.

Meet AG and Mariana Jefferson, Deaf Missionaries AG was saved as a teen at Bill Rice Ranch in Tennessee and attended Sword Deaf College.  Mariana came to America from the country of Uruguay.  They are both deaf and have given their lives to serve as missionaries working with deaf people.

Meet Andrew and Elvia Sorensen, Deaf Missionaries           Andrew is from Iowa and went to Sword Deaf College.  Elvia is from Mexico and met Andrew at the Deaf Baptist Fellowship of America.  They have given their lives to be missionaries to work with deaf people.