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Purpose of the move to Texas was to promote the building of deaf ministries in the American West.  It has been most successful.  Since '82 WMS has started thousands of deaf ministries and Deaf Churches Internationally.

World Mission Society , PO Box 371007, El Paso, TX 79937

Betty Cabbage: Co-founder of WMS,  Betty was deafened at the age of 18 months with spinal miningitis.  Because of her deafness much mission work with Deaf Peoples has been done around the world. Betty was the first deaf person to graduate from Tennessee Temple University.

Don Cabbage, Ph.D. : Co-founder and CEO of World Mission Society is a hearing man who speaks sign langauge in many languages.  With his wife, Betty, he has traveled around the world teaching churches how to start deaf ministries, setting up educational programs for deaf people and established vocational

World Mission Society is building Gospel work around the world.

International works with Deaf and Hard of Hearing people Internationally.

Professional Sign Language Interpreting through American Society for the Deaf.

Christian Educational projects.

Camping programs for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Developing Sign Language Training Materials and Educational Materials.

Headquarters  3960 Square Dance, El Paso, TX 79937